Concordian Hooligans

August 8, 2007 at 4:20 pm (Concord)

While driving back from the pool this afternoon (yes, the pool! I actually went swimming today, even though I only did about a 600, which is terrible when compared to what we did on swim team when I was in high school, but I guess considering I haven’t been in a pool or done any form of exercise except climbing stairs in the T stations and racing for trains in 3 months, a 600 really isn’t that bad. /side rant) I happened across some of the more daring hooligans of this little town I call home – all in a 10 minute drive!

The first one I saw was someone who made a left turn while the light was red at a normally busy intersection. Admittedly, there was no one to hinder their progress, but still, who runs a red light so blatantly in the middle of the day? It brought to mind the extended conversation we had in Core last year about breaking the law if you knew you could get away with it. Most people, it seems, would at the very least consider running a red light, if there was no one else around, and they knew they wouldn’t get caught. But usually, that would be under cover of darkness, when practically no one else is on the roads, and there really is no use for a stoplight, as there is no traffic to control to speak of. But this person ran the red light in the middle of the day, where there were witnesses (including me, one car behind them!). The ironic thing is that they were on basically the same route I was going, and I caught up to them multiple times when they had to stop at the same red lights the rest of us did, further along the road at later intersections. So it really wasn’t worth running that light, or speeding through town, considering I caught up with them at every subsequent red light, so they honestly didn’t save any time. Score another one for reasons not to break the law: it doesn’t matter in the long run, time-wise, whereas potentially being pulled over will certainly put a crimp in your plans.

The second instance of hooliganism was an open fire hydrant. Now, I can’t be 100% positive that it wasn’t open for a legitimate reason, but it didn’t seem that way. The fire hydrant was simply open, with gallons upon gallons of water pouring out every second. In all my years of living here, I have never seen a fire hydrant open like that, so I don’t think its a regular thing to do on hot days or something like that. It was on the side of a busy road, and was slowing down traffic. Plus, with all the eco-freaks around here, they would never stand for wasting water like that, I’m sure.

The final hooligan I encountered today was almost exactly like the first one, in that they made a right turn at a red light where there are “No turn on red” signs plastered everywhere. In this case, however, there were actually cars going in the direction they turned into, so the car, or rather minivan, cut off the first person trying to go through their legitimate green light. Nice, dontcha think?

In both cases of making illegal turns, I saw kids in the back of both cars. While the second one wasn’t so bad, since normally you can make right turns on red, as long as no one is in your way, the first one was just ridiculous. I mean, honestly, just wait the extra 2 minutes, and show your kids that it is not ok to break the law, even if you think you can. People wonder why the morals of this country are disappearing and this is why, though admittedly its a minor case. But still, making a blatantly illegal left turn is not the example anyone should set for their kids, nor for yourself, cause who knows where it could lead?


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