Police Magnet? Me?

August 3, 2007 at 9:12 pm (Concord)

Ok, so apparently I am a police magnet when I drive the pewter jeep (as it is affectionately known in our family). At least I wasn’t actually in trouble this time…

So I took my normal route home today, and it was 90+ degrees outside, so I was blasting the AC while on the highway (all the better to listen to my music, my dear). Got off the highway at my normal turnoff, it was all good. I got to the only stoplight after the highway, and it was red, as it usually is, since the road perpendicular gets the most traffic, seeing as how it is Main Street and all. In my mirror, I see the driver of the car behind me get out and aproach my car. She was a girl about my age, big sunglasses, and all that jazz. I rolled down my window to see what she wanted, and she informed me that my car was leaking something. I was very happy that I was only about 30 seconds away from home, so I thanked her, and she returned to her car. The light turned green, I turned into my driveway, pulled into the garage, everything was good. I got out and looked around and under the car to see if I could see anything leaking, or smell anything like gas or something. But I noticed nothing unusual.

So I go inside and told my mom about it. She asked me if I had had the AC on, which I had, so she assured me that it was probably just condensation or something from that, and it was nothing to worry about. So I was relieved, and sat down, exhausted, to watch Jeopardy with her. About 15 or so minutes later, there is a knock on our window, and we turn around to see a police car in our driveway and a cop knocking on the window. So I restrained the dog while my mom went out to talk to the cop. I heard the conversation through the window.

He said that someone had called the state police, who in turn had called the local police, saying that our car was dripping gas, so he had been sent to investigate. Gotta love a small town. My mom showed him the car, and they both looked it over. He said that he didn’t see anything dripping, and if we were indeed leaking gas, we would have smelled it, so obviously the car wasn’t leaking gas, thank goodness. Satisfied there was no danger or whatever, the cop left.

My mom came back inside and informed me that I was not allowed to drive that car anymore, since everything seems to happen to me when I drive it. First the weird noises and shaking, then the speeding ticket, now this. Three’s the charm, right? Knock on wood – I still have another week of commuting to survive!

Anyway, in the end, my mom called the dealership the next day, and they said that the combination of the AC and the heat of the day just meant it was most likely condensation, and it was nothing to worry about. So I’m enjoying having the windows down on the highway more often now. Its quite interesting to see how high you need to turn up the volume to listen to music when you are flying down the highway with the windows down. What’s even more interesting is the look people give you when you stop at a red light and you are blasting country music, much to those staunch New Englanders’ chagrin. Gotta love being a rebel!


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