Morbid Much?

July 30, 2007 at 7:21 pm (Uncategorized)

Ever wonder what happens to someone’s MySpace page when they die? Well, wonder no more! You can go to and read an article about their deaths, then view their MySpace pages, exactly as they were when they died, and pay your respects. You can also go to MyDeathSpace’s forums and discuss whatever it is people who frequent such sites choose to discuss. Another interesting feature of the site is a map that has little skulls marking the places where the last 100 or 500 people died. The black skulls designate those who died in accidents or of natural causes, while the red skulls are for those who were murdered. When you hover over one of these grave markers, the person’s picture and date, place, and cause of death popup. You can also see their obituary article. Now, I must admit, this is a pretty cool feature, very easy to use, etc. But it is kinda weird and morbid if you think about it. I mean, do people actually want to see all this info about random people’s deaths? Well, obviously, yes, otherwise this website wouldn’t be getting the press/attention it does. But still, there simply seems to be something inherently wrong about it all.

On a broader scale, one of the saddest parts about the site is simply how populated it is with deaths. If you think about MySpace as a forum for mostly young people, with some exceptions, admittedly, then this is evidence at how many young people are dying. From my cursory scan of the website, the vast majority of deaths are from car accidents. MyDeathSpace can be simply seen as an example for teens to try to be safe. If this many of their peers are dying/being killed, you could be next. It’s a sobering thought, in more ways than one…


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