Dippin’ Dots and Dolphins

July 11, 2007 at 8:36 pm (Vacation)

This morning, I decided I didn’t really want to go to the beach since I was already sunburned and had no wish to become further burned, and since I don’t like sand or swimming in the ocean, there was really no reason to go. Then I realized I needed to get some postcards for my friends (esp Catherine, stuck in the boonies of TX with no connection to the outside world save for snail mail). Turns out to be a good thing I did!

When I got there, I went down to the beach to say good morning to my mother and she had just come back from a nice long walk down the beach and told me there were dolphins in the surf! We quickly pulled out the camera and snapped a bunch of pictures, though it was really hard as we were never sure where or when they would surface, and when they did surface, it was only for a few seconds. But I think I got some good ones! It was really cool!

Went shopping, got some postcards, and got some Dippin’ Dots. That was certainly a blast from my past! I think I remember when they came out, though that might be just me remembering my first experience with them. Anyway, I think Dippin’ Dots are the coolest thing ever invented (pun not intended)! Yummy!

So finally I finished shopping, headed home, discovered my advising job this summer had finally started, sent out a record 103 emails, and spent like 2 hours doing legitimate things on my computer! No procrastinating, just work! Shocking, I know! But three cheers for any excuse to get my family off my back about the amount of time I spend on the computer.

My presence was required back at the beach for dinner at this small restaurant in town, after which we went back to the beach to fly a kite. My first time flying a kite! It was awesome! And then the storms they had been predicting all day moved in and we had to leave when we saw lightning. So we got back to the house, had a 15 minute downpour, then went outside to play some frisbee. Now we’re just all hanging around. Leaving tomorrow morning!


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