Sunburns and Such

July 10, 2007 at 8:09 pm (Vacation)

Yesterday we spent a nice day out on the beach. It was a beautiful day: sunny, in the mid-90s, with a nice breeze off the water so you didn’t realize you were roasting like a chicken. The water felt pretty nice too, in the mid-60s I believe. I mean, I didn’t actually go in the water, but I did wade in a bit, and got splashed up to my waist on occasion. If I didn’t hate the ocean, I would definitely have gone in. Ok, hate is a bit strong of a word. Dislike perhaps.

Anyway, the results of the day in the sun was one finished book, one started book, the discovery that one of my favorite authors writes under a separate pen name (note to self: look up on return to home), and some gorgeous sunburns and funky tan lines.

Today, the day was beautiful again and the sun was even hotter than yesterday, but it was extremely hazy out on the beach. On a clear day, you can see for ages down the beach and miles out in the ocean. Today, you could only see maybe a few hundred yards in any direction. And then the clouds moved in and it just wasn’t worth staying on the beach. It got cold fairly fast. So we wandered into town for a bit, browsed the shops, bought some flip-flops for my sister (black with sparkly lacrosse sticks), mailed them off to camp, and then headed home, where (o happy day!) I discovered my internet was working again!

My other discovery was not so pleasant: I’m sunburned. Somehow, the sunburns I had yesterday got a bit worse, and I had developed some new sore spots. I don’t understand how this happened, because I slathered on the sunscreen this morning before I stepped foot outside, and I spent most of the time the sun was out on my stomach, yet all the sunburns are on my front. Weird. But at least the splotchy appearance of the burns yesterday seem to have smoothed out, faded in, camouflaged themselves to a certain extent. We shall see what happens tomorrow, out last full day here at the beach. Storms are actually predicted, but perhaps they’ll hold off…


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