I Won’t Grow Up!

June 25, 2007 at 2:39 pm (Family)

As you may know, my aunt, uncle, and four cousins (ages 3, 7, 11, and 12!) are in the states staying with us for a few days until the two eldest go to camp in Maine and the rest move down to their lake house at Deep Creek. Little kids (i.e. anyone younger than me basically) can be quite annoying and loud. I haven’t been able to sleep past 7:30 since they arrived! So basically, I’m a bit sleep-deprived.

Anyway, the 7 and 11 year old boys are the most annoying, mostly because they disagree on everything and are in constant competition and you cannot reason with them. Plus, they’re loud. Their older sister is nice and quiet and extremely mature for her age. I keep thinking she’s like 15 or 16 already, probably because she is both very tall for her age and she is so mature. The youngest, Brody, can be loud, but that is more because, being the youngest, that’s the only way he can get attention. He is also the cutest of all of them.

I was watching The Lion King with Brody the other day, and I can’t remember how it came up, but we started discussing growing up (as much as anyone can “discuss” something with a 3 year old, however precocious!). He informed me that he wasn’t going to eat so that he wouldn’t have to grow up, that he was going to stay the way he was forever, because growing up is scary.

I mentioned this to his mother when she came in the room a few moments later, and she told me that he had actually been having nightmares about growing up. In fact, he can’t sleep alone; he has to be sleeping in someone’s (usually his parents’) bed with them. And when he’s there, he needs to get as close to you as he can.

I think this kid is the most intelligent of all of us. Growing up is very scary, and Brody has realized this very early. Unfortunately for all of us, it’s a fact of life, and isn’t about to change any time soon. Sometimes I wish I didn’t have to grow up, though I must admit, there are some perks to growing up. Ah well, wishful thinking gets us nowhere.


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