Crazy Little Thing Called Love

June 22, 2007 at 9:57 am (Facebook, Rants)

I’m not sure why, but it seems that everywhere I look people are talking about marriage. It’s crazy! I’m not sure if its because its June – the penultimate wedding month – or because I’m just growing up and this is what people talk about, and no one bothered to clue me in earlier, but whatever it is, I am surrounded by talk of marriage!

I’ll freely admit that I am addicted to both of the PostSecret groups on Facebook, and an awful lot of marriage ones have been popping up recently. A lot of girls apparently have been dreaming of their respective wedding days since they were little girls. I don’t understand this! I mean, shouldn’t you find the guy you love first, and then start planning, hopefully with him? I mean, if you plan that much in advance, there are always things that are going to change, and so how will you feel if your wedding is not the day you have literally dreamed about and planned for years? I’d imagine it would be an awful let down, and who wants to remember their wedding day that way? That would be terrible!

Meanwhile, my sister apparently is in the plan-waaay-ahead-camp, at least when it comes to my wedding. She programmed my wedding date into my cell phone the other day, when I was writing a birthday note to my “beau” (as my mother likes to refer to him). By the way, I’m apparently getting married on June 27th, 2015, if any one would care to know. Plus, there was a wonderful awkward conversation the last night Ryan was here back in May. Sarah, Grace, Ryan, and I were sitting in the basement after watching Pirates of Penzance, and we ended up talking for a few hours. And one of the topics that came up was that Sarah and Grace apparently approve of Ryan, which of course led into wedding plans. I was really really uncomfortable, so I kinda didn’t say much, and my sister more than picked up the slack for me. Can’t quite remember what she decided, but I’m sure there was something about bridesmaid dresses in there….

And then at some point when I was out with my mom doing errands or something, I mentioned how Sarah had programmed the above date into my phone, and I was laughing about it, but my mom took it a step further and started warning me about planning too early / thinking about that too early. She told me something along the lines of not to go looking for it, cause you’ll end up disappointed. I mean, I appreciate her concern, but I think that I can handle myself, and I’m still working on getting through the summer, I can’t imagine getting married. I’ve always seen getting married as something I’ll do eventually, but have never actually thought about applying it to myself. I mean, I just turned 18! I’m not ready for marriage! I have 3 years of college left! Marriage is way too scary a proposition for me to think about, though apparently my sister disagrees….

So back to my original point of marriage talk being everywhere, I was talking with el boyo this morning since I got to the T station in record time (20 mins! half the usual!) and we were discussing my cousins coming into town this afternoon, and how much older I am than all my cousins. My parents are both the eldest in their families, and got married quite a few years before any of their siblings, so of course my cousins are all much younger. I think I have maybe 2 cousins above the age of 10, with 5 under the age of 5. And I have a lot of friends who have cousins older than them, who are married and have kids, so I mentioned how I was probably going to be married with a kid or two by the time the current youngest are in middle school, much less high school, and how scary a thought that is! Anyway, at some point in this conversation, Ryan said something like “After college, you could go to grad school and then get married” implying that my cousins might be older than I think if I wait. Anyway, his brother in the background apparently misheard him and thought he said something along the lines of “…and we get married.” Talk about awkward major! Why does everyone’s mind jump to marriage when you start dating in college? Honestly! I’m not going to school to find a husband, but to get an education, thankyouverymuch. Yes, a few decades ago, that would not have been the case, but this is the 21st century, and I’d like to think things have moved ahead a bit. That’s not to say if I come out of college engaged I wouldn’t be happy, but I’m just not expecting or looking for that in any way, shape, or form.

Anyway, the last part of the marriage saga in my life, the one that I suppose you could say pushed me over the edge to write this now, is that one of my fellow interns roomates from college (they just graduated) just got engaged. He started talking about how this dude was this huge party animal in college, drinking all the time and such, but now he’s mellow and barely ever drinks. According to my eloquent fellow intern, his friend is now “an old man.”

So that’s my rant on marriage. Just had to get it out of my system, I suppose. Anyway, have a good day and think happy thoughts!



  1. WHO said,

    so does a year make any difference?

  2. Kathleen said,

    Well, I haven’t been seeing marriage signs everywhere…

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