I Hate My Computer Sometimes

June 21, 2007 at 7:07 pm (Rants, Work)

So I installed Skype on my computer yesterday so that I could chat in real time with the programmers in Isreal for my internship, so that we could better fix bugs. But then all afternoon and into the night, my Internet Explorer kept crashing, and it said it was because of some Skype add-on. So naturally, I got sick of it and just uninstalled Skype and figured I’d use some other program to chat with them, cause there were plenty of options.

So today, when my boss asked me if I had been able to contact one of the programmers, I told him about my issues with Skype and how it kept crashing IE, and he was incredulous and took my computer and offered to make it run faster, which of course I accepted, cause I’ve always had issues with that. So I stood over his shoulder and watched as he went through all these steps to delete programs and whatnot from my computer and deleting temporary files and such.

After I restarted my computer, it was all well and good, but instead of the nice colors and attractive curved boxes and such like I’m used to with Windows XP, it had reverted back to the ugly square grey boxes and such of basic Windows. I had seen him turn off something called “Themes” but didn’t say anything, cause I was kinda intimidated. So then I had to waste like a half hour trying to figure out how to make my desktop and programs pretty again. I mean, I was really bored all day, so at least this gave me something to do, but honestly!

And then I reinstalled Skype, used it a bit to talk to the programmer dude, and it seemed to be working fine. And now Internet Explorer keeps crashing again! So annoying! At least its not as often as it was last night (knock on wood). So I guess we shall see who wins the fight of the century (well, the summer, but century sounds better, don’t you think?): me or Skype. Or me or my boss I suppose.


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  1. Britt said,

    Aww. Poor little compy. Sick and ailing when mean Skypey knocks on the door. :pets:

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