June 5, 2007 at 10:27 am (Work)

So I guess my nickname of “Oops” from my younger days shall continue into adulthood – the stakes are just a wee bit higher! I haven’t dropped a gallon of milk on a concrete surface thus causing said milk to explode in a few years now, but committing a faux pas or two in the business world seems to be my destiny. This morning, sleeping in a little bit, I was awakened by the sound of my cell phone buzzing on my bedside table. Still a bit drowsy, I looked at the number to see who it was, and it read “Restricted Number.” Now, this always comes up when my mom calls me from her office, and I’ve never seen it for anyone else, so I figured she was calling me to make sure I was up. Based on this assuption, I opened my phone and answered with a slurred “Yea?” Wonder of wonder, miracle or miracles, it wasn’t my mom on the phone! No, it was my boss! Yes, my boss of about one day now, just calling to check in, making sure everything was going well with the work I’m going to be working on today from home. I just went with the flow, woke up pretty quickly, was able to answer him coherently and understand what he was saying in return. Luckily for me, I usually wake up pretty quickly, so I think I recovered pretty quickly. But the second I hung up the phone, I was mortified! Great way to start the day, don’t you think? Well, at least this gives me more motivation to do a good job today and show him that I can, in fact, be professional. I’m not some ditzy college girl who has no respect. I really do think it’ll all be fine, but I’ve learned my lesson: never answer the phone with a “yea?” but instead a nice chipper “hello?” Don’t they say to smile when you answer the phone because the person on the other end can hear it in your voice? I think I think I may start working on that…


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  1. Anonymous said,

    so tomorrow you’ll drop the milk while getting coffee? Warning Warning OOPS has invaded boston

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