If A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes…

June 1, 2007 at 9:24 pm (Work)

…then what do my recent dreams say about me? In no particular order, I’ve had dreams about Harry Potter and Peeves (who is apparently actually a girl put under a spell by Hermione I believe, and the two of them are in love), convenience stores, working in one (more understandable as I really want a job), prostitutes (too much SVU?), going back to high school, and finally, there being 33 days in the month of May due to some need for there to be 2 extra days, and therefore it is not actually June right now, it is still May!

In other news… I had my second interview of the week/of the summer today! I still haven’t heard back from the internship, though maybe Monday? I can only hope… Anyway, the one today was for the first company to contact me back this summer, a few weeks ago. It is this tutoring company here in MA, and I think it may work out! The woman who interviewed me today met me at this tiny Starbucks in this tiny town that neither I nor my parents had ever heard of (Westwood?). It took us an hour to get there, even though it should have only taken about 20ish minutes. We left at 3:30 knowing there might be some traffic, but we didn’t expect as much as we ran into! The reason behind the traffic? Yes, it is a Friday afternoon. Yes, people want to get out of work asap. Yes, people are going down to the Cape. But the real cause for the I-can’t-remember-how-many-exits of traffic? An accident that wasn’t even blocking the road! I don’t understand why people insist on slowing down, causing everyone else to slow down, just because they are nosy and intrigued by other people’s misery! It was the same on both sides of the highway! And this is a four-lane highway! I mean, honestly, people! Keep moving! Everyone has seen something like it before, it is really nothing new. And you know what? By taking your eyes off the road to do some classy rubber-necking, you might get into an accident yourself! And where would everyone be then? All I’m asking is for people to have some common decency and not gawk at other’s mistakes and misery. And yes, I understand that for many people, this is too much to ask, but I felt that I just had to put it out there. And now I will move on…

Interview went well, thanks for asking. She kept harping on the importance of maturity while tutoring, since I’d have to deal with not only the students, but also their parents looking over my shoulder, criticizing my every move. Well, if I get the job, then I think I’ll be able to deal with it, but how are you supposed to demonstrate that kind of maturity and self-confidence during a 20 min interview? I tried my best, but we shall see. The other issue, which I found extremely amusing, was the potential problem of dealing with horny male students who would rather look at the pretty tutor rather than pay attention to what she is trying to say. I honestly hope that I will never be in this situation, for obvious reasons. What am I supposed to say? “I have a boyfriend and he is bigger than you and will beat you up even though he lives 14 hours away, so pay attention to the most boring piece of Latin you will ever see that I’m trying to help you understand”? Yea right. Well, at least my sister has assured me that this will never be an issue with me, as no teenage boy will ever be attracted to me. I must say, I really, truly appreciate her confidence in me!

And my final news for the day? I need to go to the beach. I am way too pale for the summer (three cheers for skin cancer!). And I think I might actually wear a bikini… Thoughts?


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