Current Points of Interest/Annoyance

May 31, 2007 at 3:31 pm (Concord)

A) My sister has been invited to CC’s senior prom. That is right, ladies and gentlemen, my sister, who complains on a fairly regular basis that she will never have a boyfriend or have anyone attracted to her, or have any friends for that matter, is now a date for the senior prom. Admittedly, she is not attracted to him, and the jury’s still out on his feelings for her, but we shall all just agree right now that they are just friends. Now, compare this to my prom experience: didn’t go to junior prom, went to senior prom with a group of girl friends. I am absolutely not complaining here – I am quite happy with that. No boys worth going with anyway… But back to my main point, I think it is fair to say that my sister is no longer allowed to complain about her social standing at school, considering she is going to the senior prom as a sophomore. And now she gets to see all her friends/crushes who are seniors, so, in my ever-so-humble opinion, I think it’ll be a great night for her! Plus, she’s borrowing one of my dresses, so she’ll look gorgeous! Maybe a picture to follow later…

B) I want my room back. I just want to be able to sit at a desk and work. I mean, my bed and the various chairs and couches on which I reside these days are nice and all. But still. Desks were invented for a reason. And I know that as soon as I get access to my desk back, I’m going to be taking my laptop over to my bed all the time. But the option is nice, isn’t it?

C) It’s time for this bathroom to be finished. I am grateful for it and all, but it was supposed to be done by the time I got home from college, then a week or two after that, then before June, and now? I don’t know that we’re even talking about when it’ll be finished, cause no one knows! Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to deal, as always…

D) I want the sunshine back!

E) I’m done now


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